Carbon Cycle

Company Background

 AERA Technology Management and subsequently AERA Corporation were formed in 1994 to provide technology development support and engineering services in the areas of air quality, emission controls and energy conservation. Our work in those years was focused in two areas:

1.    supporting the development, field testing and commercialization of engine platforms for alternative fuelled vehicles ranging from passenger and light truck up to heavy duty engine and power generation applications

2.    conducting field tests and providing commercialization support for facility based energy and environmental improvements: high efficiency boilers, advanced heating systems, absorption and engine driven chillers, domestic water heating and commercial cooking systems.

Some very tangible results of these efforts include the fleets of natural gas buses in Toronto, Houston and many other North American cities, as well as the natural gas vehicle models for fleet applications being offered by the vehicle manufacturers.

A major initiative during that timeframe was in supporting the Ontario gas utilities in the development and implementation of their demand side management (DSM) programs as mandated by the Ontario Energy Board. Today these are well developed programs which are forming the standard by which the electrical DSM programs are being designed.

From 2000 to 2009 the company took a hiatus from business activity while its principal, Stephen Hood went to work for Johnson Controls. During that time Stephen led the project development team within JCIs ESCO business, helping to quadruple the size of business to over $120M annually. The JCI team built many very successful energy cost reduction and capital renewal projects including:

Hamilton Health Sciences

Lakehead University

Acadia University

Trillium Health Sciences

Saskatoon Public Schools

Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal

Calgary Board of Education

Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Brookfield Properties

 Today we are well positioned and ready to serve the ever challenging sustainability needs of our customers: energy conservation, facility renewal, greenhouse gas reductions, renewable energy.

 AERA Energy Solutions, led by its principal Stephen Hood, is part of a network of industry professionals each of whom are seasoned business consultants, engineers and financial experts. We are ready to assemble our teams on a project by project basis to bring the highest value to our customers and help ensure the continuing success of their business operations.

Projects we have supported: Healthcare, K-12 Schools, Industrial, Commercial Real Estate, Higher Education